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Base and Lid Cardboard Boxes also known as Base and Cap provide excellent side stacking strength.  

A useful alternative for shallow packed products where our customer requires a removable lid. The durable base and lid cardboard box provides excellent side stacking strength through double wall thickness on all 4 sides.

Custom Base and Lid Cardboard Boxes

A unique and tailored packaging solution for our clients. 

The Base and Cap option provides excellent stacking strength, can be made in any board grade and we can make them to any size. These can be diecut for easy assembly or they can be assembled by yourself using tape, glue or staples if you prefer. These can be printed or plain depending on your requirement. If you prefer to have a carton with a removable lid then this style of carton will suit your needs perfectly. This carton is also popular for people who want a storage box that they can gain access to frequently without having to cut and re-apply tape. Call us now and we can provide a competitive quote for your Base and Cap requirement.


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