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Single Wall

This is the most common construction of board grade on the market.

They come in different thicknesses (called Flutes) and then come in many different strengths within each thickness. Most solutions are able to be found using a singe wall board grade. Cardboard can only be made in either kraft brown paper or white paper. Board grade selection is critical as it is the most important component in ensuring your carton will provide the performance you are expecting. We will provide the best board grade to suit your requirements.


Double Wall

These are thicker than the single wall construction. These also come in double and triple wall thicknesses.

As with the single wall there are also different strengths within each thickness and can also be made in either Kraft Brown or White. This construction is normally used for large cartons, cartons containing heavy products or Heavy Duty applications. Board grade selection is critical in these heavier applications to ensure there is no carton failure. We will provide you with the best board grade to suit your requirements.

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