Five Panel Folder Boxes (5PF)

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The Five Panel Folder Boxes (5PF) is a flat pack carton that is best used when packing long tubular type products such as rolled posters or long flat items such as shelving.  

It provides excellent structural strength and protection for the product inside it. Because they come flat they take up very little of your valuable storage space. The Five Panel Folder is able to be made in various board grades and can also be printed if required. The 5 flaps at each end of the box provide extra strength and maintain box integrity. Contact us today for your free competitive quote on a Five Panel Folder.


Our custom five panel folder boxes are designed in house at our Melbourne manufacturing premises 

These come flat so take up next to no space and are sealed using tape. With every client having their own unique packing requirements, our team use their wealth of experience to tailor a custom five panel folder carton box to your specific needs.

five panel folder

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