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The full flap slotted carton is the exact same design as the regular slotted carton except the flaps both top and bottom cover the entire width of the cardboard box rather than meet in the middle.

This provides extra strength in the base for heavy loads and also provides protection for the product from knife damage where end users are cutting the box open to retrieve the product inside. The Full Flap Slotted Carton can be made in most sizes, any board grade and can be plain or printed. We are happy to provide a sample through our in-house design services prior to committing to manufacture.


A custom designed solution is available to meet your unique requirement.  

The same as an RSC but with the added feature of the flaps folding completely from one side to the other. The FFSC provides structural integrity for the carton and also peace of mind of extra support in the base of the carton for heavy items.

Every one of our clients have a unique requirement for their custom cardboard packaging solution and our team have both the experience and in house capability with our design team to manufacture a custom solution to meet you business needs and budget.

Full Flap Carton (FFSC)

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