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For Printed Cardboard Boxes, there are many different types of printing you can select from.

We are able to supply you with whatever printing you require. We will provide guidance on printing options, what type of print to use and supply you with an electronic print proof prior to production to ensure approval. There are one-off establishment costs associated with setting up the printing plate but once established that cost is never repeated. We can share all our industry knowledge and expertise of what print types and content are appropriate. 

Custom Printed Boxes

Endless options for all your packaging needs.

Because there are so many different types of Custom Printed Boxes we will help assess which is going to be the most effective option for you. Our friendly staff will consult with you to establish and understand your requirements, expectations and impact you are looking for the print to achieve. The printing can be either an informative style of printing to advise customers of content or it can be used as a point of sale tool for your product. Either way we are happy to lend our industry expertise to guide you through what is appropriate and what regulations are applicable (if any).

We can show you various print styles we have in our factory and can explain the difference in the printing processes, the quality of the prints and the associated costs attached to each print type. Regardless of whether you want varnish, gloss, photo quality print, flexographic print, screen print or digital print we can offer all of these options for you and discuss the pro’s and con’s of each. Come in and have a chat with us to find out the best solution for your Custom Printed Boxes.

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