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Mailing Boxes in Melbourne come in many sizes and many styles.

We have a selection of standard cartons that are available should you wish to purchase. Size selection is critical in mailing boxes as you don’t want too much space so it takes you into the next size up for postage. Our friendly staff are ready to assist you in determining which Mailing Box would be the best suited option for your product and minimise postage costs for your business. If you require a custom made option then we can guide you through that process to a solution for your product.

Custom Mailing Boxes

Custom Mailing Boxes require a lot of thought and attention to detail.

Our friendly staff are here to help you through the process to optimise the carton packing and minimise postage costs. We can print your Custom Mailing Boxes if you require. We will provide a print proof for your approval prior to production. Our in-house structural design facilities will allow us to design you the perfect Custom Mailing Box and provide you a sample to trial prior to going to manufacture to ensure the solution we provide is acceptable.

Because a lot of Custom Mailing Boxes are being distributed through either Post or Courier a critical factor is package size to keep your postage costs down. We stock cutting dies of the 4 most popular sizes of Mailing boxes used by Australia Post. You are more than welcome to use these cutting dies free of charge as part of our service offer to you. We back our design, our board grades and the construction of our custom mailing boxes to ensure your product can pass through the rigours of a rough postal system and still deliver your product to your customer in 1 piece. 

Mailing Boxes

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